Our Entreprise

Founded in 1932 in Düsseldorf by Bernhard Zamek, Zamek GmbH has developed into a well-established, medium-size brand in the German foodstuffs industry. Since 2015 Zamek Lebensmittelwerke GmbH has been part of Dricon Capital AG (Frankfurt) and, within the framework of a long-term contract, is supported in all operational interests by medium-size RUF Lebensmittelwerk KG (Quakenbrück) at its production sites in Düsseldorf and Dresden. The food manufacturer RUF provides its extensive experience in the development, production and marketing. In the field of savoury products Zamek offers customers and partners alike delicious high-end products for speedy and reliable preparation in the modern kitchen.

We only do what we are good at.

For many years our customers have known and trusted Zamek as a high-performance brand of foodstuffs. We provide high quality goods such as seasonings, soups and sauces for simple and consistent preparation in the modern kitchen. Of course, we always listen to the wishes, requirements and feedback of our customers. They are an important indicator for our future activities. This means, we systematically work on the development of the naturalness of our recipes and ingredients. And we have come to understand: natural ingredients and good taste need not be a contradiction.